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Medieval/Renaissance Armor

Armour in the Style of the 14th c.

c. 1300 Greathelm Front

c. 1300 Greathelm Angle

c. 1300 Greathelm Side

Early 1300's Sugarloaf Helm Angle

Early 1300's Sugarloaf Helm Front

Early 1300's Sugarloaf Helm Side

English Armor c. 1430

English Armour, Henry V Style - Front View

English Armour, Henry V Style - Left Foot Forward

English Armour, Henry V Style - Right Foot Forward

English Armour, Henry V Style - Right Foot Forward Close-up

English Armour, Henry V Style - Movement

English Armour, Henry V Style - Close-up Torso

English Armour, Henry V Style - Ready Position

English Armour, Henry V Style - Standing Square

English Armour, Henry V Style - Detail

Armour in the Italian Style of the 15th Century

Friedrich Milanese Kuriss Armature Armour

('Milanese') Warwick Effigy Variant

Warwick Effigy Variant Side

15th. Century Italian Full Back

15th. Century Italian Full Front

15th. Century Italian Upper Right

15th. Century Italian Mid Side

15th. Century Italian Legs

15th. Century Italian Leg Detail

15th. Century Italian Right Arm

15th. Century Italian Back Top

15th. Century Italian Back Plate

15th. Century Italian Tasset Detail

'Freidrich the Victorious' Grand Bacinet Side

'Freidrich the Victorious' Grand Bacinet

Milanese Churburg Grand Bacinet

15th. Century Italian Pauldrons Front

15th. Century Italian Pauldrons Back


Avant-Garde Jewelry and Wearable Sculpture

Lady's Sterling Silver Evening Gauntlet, Gorget and Earrings

Sterling Silver Evening Gauntlet Close-Up

Sterling Silver Gauntlet Earrings

Sterling Silver Gorget and Gauntlet

Collar of the Lord of Winds (Articulated Copper Necklace)

Sterling Silver Gauntlet Close-Up 2

Sterling Silver Gorget and Gauntlet 2

Sterling Silver Earrings

Bronze Celtic Penannular Brooch

Bronze 8th Century Celtic Cross

Sterling Silver Gauntlet Close-Up 3


Sterling Silver 'Lightning' Bracelet

Articulated Sterling Silver Necklace 1

Articulated Sterling Silver Necklace 2

Sterling Silver Necklace

Fantasy Armor

Fantasy Armor Helms

'84 Graduate Show - First Helm

'84 Graduate Show - First Helm Left Side

'84 Graduate Show - First Helm Right Side

First Spangenhelm

Fantasy Armor Helmet Celata Angle

Fantasy Armor Helmet Celata Side



Medieval/Renaissance Armor (Continued)

German Gothic Style Armour Late 15th c.

15th. Century Gothic Breastplate Front

15th. Century Gothic Breastplate Angle

Helmschmid Foot-Combat Helm Variant

German Gothic Full Suit of Armour

German Gothic Armour Torso

German Gothic Armour Back

Gothic Mitten Gauntlets

Gothic Gauntlet Detail

Pauldron Front Detail

Pauldron Front Detail Close-Up

German Gothic Armour Leg Detail Side

German Gothic Armour Leg Detail Front

German Gothic Helm Detail

German Gothic Full Front

German Gothic Full Back

German Gothic Black Schaller (Sallet)

German Gothic Schaller (Sallet)

German Gothic Sabaton - Gothic Cowboy Boot Jewelry?

Armour in the Classic 16th c. Style

16th Century Full Suit of Armour

16th. Century Armour Top

16th. Century Armour Tassets

16th. Century Armour Tassets Detail

16th. Century Gauntlets

16th. Century Arms

16th. Century Arm & Pauldron

16th. Century Bourgonet Right Side

16th. Century Bourgonet Left Side

16th. Century Bourgonet Front

16th. Century Close Helm Side

16th. Century Close Helm Front

16th. Century Armor Gorget & Pauldrons

16th. Century Pisan Gauntlet

16th. Century Pisan Gauntlet Detail

16th. Century Pisan Gauntlet Cuff

16th. Century Pisan Gauntlet Pair

16th. Century Pisan Gauntlet Fingers

16th. Century Pisan Gauntlet Etch Detail

16th. Century Pisan Gauntlet Thumb

16th. Century Pisan Gauntlet Back

Architectural Sculpture

8ft. Tall Celtic Cross

8ft. Tall Celtic Cross Full View

As Displayed at Church of the Epiphany, Flagstaff, AZ

Cross Detail - St. John

Cross Detail - St. Matthew

Cross Detail - St. Mark

Cross Detail - St. Luke

Glossary of Medieval Armour and Armour-Related Terms

Glossary A-B

Glossary C

Glossary D-G

Glossary H-K

Glossary L-M

Glossary N-R

Glossary S

Glossary T-Z

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